Our Affiliations

Global, Experienced, Seasoned

Align Consulting Affiliates

We collaborate with other organizations to provide specialized services such as negotiating technology contracts, advising startups, and providing sessions internationally and in other languages.

Partnering and Specialization

The ADR Instituut is our partner in The Netherlands, providing training services and mediation in English and Dutch.

Sycamore Legal is a San Francisco law firm and our education partner for courses on negotiating technology contracts - focusing on understanding the legal issues and negotiating them effectively.

SiS Conference is our education partner in China, promoting and supporting courses for business professionals operating in China.

Egger, Philips, & Partner is our partner in Switzerland, providing training services and mediation in German, French, and English

Plug and Play Tech Center is a technology incubator in Silicon Valley, providing extensive support and education for technology entrepreneurs and startups.

3S Venture Alliance, based in Kuwait, is our executive education partner for the Middle East.