Services that Exceed Expectations

Align Consulting Clients

Our experiential workshops build skills and are practical, realistic, and tailored to the needs of our clients.

Below is a sampling of the topics and issues addressed in our educational programs:

  • Fundamental Principles of Negotiation
  • Shifting from Win-Lose to Win-Win -- Practically and Realistically
  • How to Prepare Thoroughly and Efficiently
  • What Really Matters to You - and to Them?
  • The Power of Good Questions
  • Balancing Cooperation and Competition
  • Balancing Empathy and Assertiveness
  • Setting Priorities
  • Phases of Negotiation
  • Opening Offers - When to Make Them, How to Make Them, and How to Respond
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Managing Emotions and Egos in Negotiations
  • Negotiation Styles - Understanding Yours, Others, and Adapting for Success
  • When - and How - to Walk Away
  • Gender Differences in Negotiations
  • Decision-making
  • Building Great Teams
  • Dealing with Difficult Tactics and Difficult People
  • Analytically Predicting Consequences
  • Using Differences to Create Value
  • Negotiating via E-mail - If, When, and How
  • Cultural Differences and How to Manage Them
  • Top Ten Negotiation Mistakes - and How to Avoid Them
  • Ethics and Negotiation
  • Negotiating in the Shadow of the Law
  • Managing an “Alpha” Environment
  • Allocating Limited Resources
  • Dissecting Different Perspectives
  • Creating Constructive Dialogue
  • Shifting from Blame to Problem-Solving
  • Third Party Interventions
  • Mastering Intangible Interests
  • Feedback Essentials - Giving and Getting
  • Leadership Essentials